Jorge Subirana arrives in Spain from France. He brings with him analytic technologies adapted to Oenology, developed in France since the mid 70's early 80's: the continuous-flow technology, near infrared for alcohol volumetrics, and electrochemical potentiometry for SO2. At the end of this year Tecnología Difusión Ibérica, TDI is founded.
It begins the research in sequential chemical analysers (enzymatic, colorimetric...), as well as the adaptation of the lyophilized enzymatic reagents and the development of colorimetric reagents.
The first chemical sequential analyser (enzymatic and colorimetric) is put on the Spanish market. It provides a greater speed of analysis, ease of use for the oenologist and great economic advantages for wineries and laboratories. The first model was the VPI. For the first time a company introduces in the enological market the complete concept of instrument + reagents + service and advice.
The Lisa 200 model is introduced, becoming to be, in a few years, the reference analyser both in official laboratories as in wineries. As a result of a good work of research, we quickly move from the 6 analytical parameters of the beginning to more than 20 parameters that TDI updates free of charge to its customers.
Development of TDI's first lyophilized enzymatic reagents of its own.
Introduction of analyser Enochem model, suitable for customers with smaller analytical volume. Development of a whole own range of lyophilized enzymatic and colorimetric reagents in collaboration with an Italian company.
Commercialisation of semiautomatic analyser Jolly model, giving small wineries the same analytical possibilities that large ones.
They are installed in France the first mid-infrared instruments (FTIR), Bacchus I for Oenology.
Bacchus I is introduced in Spain.
Tests of the new model Bacchus II.
Introduction in the market of the new model Bacchus II.
After years of research and tests, TDI gets to industrialize a fast filtration system for musts at harvest reception. TDI patents this device under the name Mostonet®.
TDI makes progress in the study and development of new reagents and introduces the world's first liquid reagents.
It is launched to the market the new range of chemistry analysers, enzymatic, colorimetric and turbidimetric for wines and musts with the name Miura. The Miura provide improvements to the market, such as rotary distribution, the automatic washing station for the reaction and reading cups, etc.
Continuing the investigation of liquid reagents of 2007, TDI gets to develope the liquid ready-to-use reagents, providing great convenience and savings to customers.
TDI becomes the owner of all the assets of the company Microdom, the company with whom TDI had developed in conjunction the entire infrared technique.
Jorge Subirana founds TDIF, a French subsidiary of TDI, distribution point to all the world. The company starts its period of internationalization. In June, the new Bacchus 3 sees the light of day.
The year when TDI strengthens export through close partnerships with distributors in France, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Moldova, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, among others.