30 Mar 2014


Destilador DE 2000

For the extraction of alcohol and volatile acidity

In accordance with the European requirements (OJ L272, 3/10/90) and O.I.V.
  • High-strength aluminum steam generator with built-in electric heating.
  • Injection, by means of a metering pump, of the necessary water to the steam generator during the whole period of distillation (without boiling water reserve).
  • Automatic preheating of the steam generator and put on standby for the next extraction.
  • Bubbler in stainless steel with a complementary resistance allowing the distillation without increase of the initial volume of the sample.
  • Safety system on the arrival of cooling water in case of insufficient pressure.
  • Automatic stop of the cooling water between each distillation.
  • Digital display of the cooling water temperature at the entrance.



- Volatile acidity
20 ml of wine – 250 ml of distilled minimum: 6 min approx.

- Alcohol:
200 ml of wine – 200 ml of distilled: 5 min approx.