30 Mar 2014


Miura 200

Chemical analyser

Small but with all the features of the largest

Automatic multiparametric analyser for chemical analysis of all kind of wines and musts by enzymatic, colorimetric and turbidimetric methods.
The analyser is supplied with all analytical parameters already programmed and ready-to-use reagents, allowing an immediate start-up and an easy operation.

Technical Specifications:

  • Rotary dispensing system.
  • 120 tests/hour.
  • 20 positions for refrigerated reagents.
  • 15 positions for samples with unlimited reloading.
  • Pre and post automatic dilution.
  • Management of urgent samples.
  • Calibration line from a single multiparametric standard.
  • Validated and widely proven analytical techniques.
  • Minimum reagent consumption per analysis.
  • Low analytical costs.
  • Automatic wash station for used reaction and reading cuvettes.
  • Specific programme for Oenology, easy and intuitive.
  • Permanent analytical and technical advice by specialists in Oenology for more than 25 years.
  • Programmed parameters to analyse in wines and musts: Acetaldehyde, Acetic, Citric, Lactic, Malic, Glycerine, Gluconic, Glucose-Fructose, Total Sugars, Ammonia Nitrogen, Alpha-amino Nitrogen, assimilable Nitrogen, Tartaric, Calcium, Catechins, Copper, Iron, Total Polyphenols, Colour, Anthocyanin, Free and Total SO2, etc.