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We are a family business and we can offer you flexibility
that many multinationals do not have


From the beginning, in TDI we have been pioneers in the Spanish market and our oenological analytical philosophy is to adapt the analyzer to the needs of each user, reducing the cost of analysis, and to offer the most comprehensive advice. Being a family business we can offer a flexibility that many multinationals do not have, without, forgetting the quality, rigour and resources of a large company.
TDI offers the widest range of products, which can be from the most sophisticated analyzer to a simple tritator, thus being able to advise at all times to our customers the most suitable instrument for their needs.
We are the only ones who can provide both chemical analysers (enzymatic and colorimetric) and FTIR analysers.

Regarding chemical analysers, being the creators of the technique, we are the ones who best know and master. That is why in TDI we do not just sell machines, but following our philosophy, we provide added value in service and advice.

Foto del producto Bacchus 3 multispec automatic de TDI


Tecnología Difusión Ibérica, S.L. works closely with its European distributors so that the exchange of technical and commercial experience is reciprocal in a balanced way. For that reason we feel partners of the successes and we can proudly say that the machines we trade with have an excellent level of implementation in the European market.

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In close symbiotic collaboration with developers and manufacturers, we have gone at the head of the market, introducing in 1994 the sequential chemical analysers (enzymatic and colorimetric) and in 2002 the mid-infrared (FTIR), having contributed to its development and setup in France since 1997.

At present we continue involved, in the front line, in research, development and innovation to always be at the forefront of oenological analysers and reagents and, this way, we are able to offer the quality, efficiency and know-how, which our customers are used to.