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NIR analyser


NIR analyser

Fast and direct measure of the % alcohol, density and dry extract in wines

Alcoquick measuring system 4000 is based on an innovative patented spectroscopic measurement method that allows a direct measurement of ethanol in wines, using infrared spectral bands specifically selected in the near infrared (NIR).

The lengthy sample preparation are no longer necessary. An additional advantage of this method is the independence of the type of wine to be measured. This means that all wines from all regions, despite their differences, can be measured accurately and quickly in less than 60 seconds and with only 40 ml of sample.
The system can incorporate a high-quality ultrasonic densitometer, being able to measure simultaneously the density and the dry matter in addition to the % alcohol.

Available in two versions: Laboratory and Portable.

ALCOQUICK 4000 (Laboratory version)

ALCOQUICK 4000 (Portable version)

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